Call for applicant for the Green Innovation and Investment Forum 2016 is closed! 

Overwhelming response. About 70 startups and entrepreneurs from 13 countries applied for the 2nd Green Innovation and Investment Forum 2016.

All the informations about the program, participating startups, keynote and reason why to apply can be found HERE.


Find your partners for (start-up) financing, development or licensing of your technologies or business ideas in Stuttgart, Germany. If your solution is convincing, you will get the opportunity to present your business idea to investors and market actors in a six-minute pitch. This event is free of charge for start-ups, researchers and founders.

Information about the Call for GIIF 2016:

Eligible (but not exclusive) sectors and technologies were:

  • Environmental Engineering (Water, Air, Recycling, Design-to-Reuse etc.)
  • Alternative Materials / Renewable Resources
  • Resource Efficiency (Savings of Energy and Materials)
  • Efficient Production Processes / Urban Factories
  • Sustainable Solutions for Smart Cities
  • Green IT / Smart Grids / Sensor Technology
  • Renewable Energy / Climate Protection

We look for: Products – Processes – Technologies – Solutions

For further informations please click HERE.